About - Zach Doehler

My name is Zach Doehler (a.k.a. Calibreus) and I am an 18-year-old photographer from British Columbia, Canada. I love to take pictures of landscapes and nature. My favorite time of the day to shoot is sunrise and sunset. And as you can probably tell from my work, I love post-processing. It allows me to express my creativity in a unique way through my art. My style is heavily focused on light and color, and I try to bring out both aspects as much as possible in my images.

I picked up my first real camera when I was 15-years-old. I wanted to do astrophotography and I was told that I needed a dedicated camera in order to do so (something that would do a bit better of a job than my smartphone) . So I asked my parents if we had one and fortunately we had an old Canon Rebel with a kit lens sitting around the house. I started shooting with that and over time developed a serious passion for photography.

Today, I can confirm that I've never had the same enjoyment in any other pursuit as I do with photography. I love that I am able to do it anywhere in the world at anytime. I also appreciate travelling in a whole different light now than I did before I started shooting. And I love that now, when I go travelling, I'm able to bring home personal souvenirs from different places I've been to both nearby and far away.

Currently, I shoot with a Sony A7 with old adapted film lenses. And I also take aerial photos with a DJI Mavic Pro. I don't have much money I can spend freely on gear and trips. But I've been trying my best to support my photography with photography. Therefore, all of the funds I make from this site goes directly back into my hobby. So if you support my work, you are helping me to continue doing what I love!

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